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Intro - DivLady70 - 09-26-2019


Just wanted to introduce myself. I am have been active in investing, going on 20 years. For the first 18 years, I focused as may do on stock price and didn't see the value of a good dividend. That led to many a sleepless night. Well 2 years ago, a light bulb went off and I started to focus on dividend growth companies. Up until then, I did not have a clue at how impactful dividends could be to your balance sheet or income sheet. 

Once, I realized this important element, I set out to structure our portfolio. Now we are holding only 1 stock that is NOT a dividend-paying company. 

We are happily dripping our way to a solid retirement.

Thanks for reading.  Wink

RE: Intro - Sunrise61 - 09-26-2019

Welcome DivLady70.

RE: Intro - crimsonghost747 - 09-26-2019


RE: Intro - EricL - 09-26-2019

Thanks for sharing your story, and welcome to the board!

RE: Intro - MikeWa - 09-26-2019

Welcome! This is a great forum.

RE: Intro - fenders53 - 09-26-2019

Welcome Div lady. I hope you share your investment story going forward. We need more participation here. I too did a lot of growth stock investing. If only we could start out with the knowledge we possess after 20 years of getting our noses bloodied. Smile

RE: Intro - ChadR - 09-27-2019

Welcome. It's always nice to see you get a bigger dividend each quarter because of dripping. Like you, I also wish I had realized the importance of dividends sooner than I did. But later is better than never.

RE: Intro - DivLady70 - 09-30-2019

Thank you everyone, for your warm welcoming.