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Daily reading lists
I was wondering what websites you guys read on a daily basis.  I have a menu in Firefox that I open them all up in the morning.

Here is my daily reading list (presented in the order that I added them to my list): (obviously) (I keep tabs on them because I created my tracking spreadsheet from theirs, mine's evolved quite a bit)

Did I miss any I should be reading? does a pretty good job of aggregating others that don't post quite so frequently

I'm not affiliated with any website in any way.

Man you've got a lot of reading to do each morning. Big Grin

I just have this forum, another forum for some EU stocks I own (not in English), yahoo finance and then the seeking alpha emails that I get... 95% of which I just delete without even reading. Big Grin
HA, well they don't all update every morning!
Wow, that's an interesting list--many I look at, some new ones as well.
Thanks for posting!

I don't read a lot every morning but have a few blogs I follow which I read once a week, usually weekends. Will look through your list tomorrow and see if there's something interesting. Thanks for posting Smile

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