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I was in San Diego for business and ...
I was traveling around to find a restaurant for dinner using the directions the hotel gave me. I missed a turn and kept driving since I had about another hour of daylight to check out the neighborhood. Imagine my surprise when I drove by a sign for this:


So I immediately did a U-turn to check it out.


That was a nice surprise. Unfortunately it was past closing time but I took a few minutes to check out the premises. I was impressed. The offices I was able to see looking through the windows were organized and not extravagant. There was no "castle" which some companies seem to need to operate. In fact, there were other company's offices in the same building and some open space with "For Lease" signs on them.

Struck me that management seems to be good stewards of our money as far as corporate HQ is concerned.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

That's awesome! Thanks for the pics and impressions. Peter Lynch would be proud!

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